Aster Cement Series

Aster Series

Gain a reclaimed, farmhouse look with these unique cement tiles. Each tile is carefully handcrafted with a weathered finish. Create a one-of-a-kind backsplash or accent wall. Available in three colours: white, grey or blue. The 10×10 and 8×8 tiles are installed together to create an attractive pattern.

Installation Photos


Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Aster White 10×10 Cement Tile829-1013.302066.0013.88960666.24
Aster White 8×8 Cement Tile829-1021.764070.4017.76960426.24
Aster Blue 10×10 Cement Tile829-1033.302066.0013.88960666.24
Aster Blue 8×8 Cement Tile829-1041.764070.4017.76960426.24
Aster Grey 10×10 Cement Tile829-1053.302066.0013.88960666.24
Aster Grey 8×8 Cement Tile829-1061.764070.4017.76960426.24