Color Collection

Color Collection Series

Fun, versatile, colorful, mosaics have it all. The Color Collection series will add an upbeat and dynamic flair to any room. Ideal for floor or wall applications, with these porcelain mosaics the possibilities are endless. Mix and match different colors or designs, let your imagination run loose and re-invent your space.

Hexagon Mosaics

Color Collection Black 2" Hexagon Mosaic Matte
Black 2 inch Hexagons, Matte
Color Collection Black 1 inch Hexagon Mosaic Matte
Black 1 inch Hexagons, Matte

Penny Round Mosaics

Color Collection Sky Blue Penny Round Glossy
Sky Blue, Glossy
Color Collection Mint Green Penny Round Glossy
Mint Green, Glossy

Herringbone Mosaics

Color Collection Antique Herringbone Mosaic Matte
Antique, Glossy
Color Collection White Bright Herringbone Glossy
White, Glossy

2″x8″ Tiles

Color Collection Biscuit
Biscuit, Glossy
Color Collection White
White Ice, Glossy
Color Collection White Ice Matte
White Ice, Matte
Color Collection 2x8
Tender Gray, Glossy

Installation Photos

General Specifications – Porcelain Mosaics

descriptionmethodunit1″ Hexagons2″ HexagonsHerringbonePenny Rounds
Thicknessmm – in5.4 mm – 7/32 in6.0 mm – 15/64 in6.0 mm – 15/64 in6.0 mm – 15/64 in
Water AbsorptionEN ISO 10545-3( % )≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Abrasion ResistanceEN ISO 10545-7(PEI)2233
Scratch HardnessEN-101(Mohs)3333
Breaking StrengthEN ISO 10545-4(lbf)≥ 250≥ 250≥ 250≥ 290
Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 10545-13(GL)Class A – ResistantClass A – ResistantClass A – ResistantClass A – Resistant
Frost ResistanceEN ISO 10545-12ResistantResistantResistantResistant
DCOFA137.1≤ 0.30≤ 0.40≤ 0.22≤ 0.21
Shade VariationV1V1V1V2

General Specifications – Ceramic Wall Tile

descriptionASTM TestISO TestValue Required ANSIDeclared ASTM
Thickness7mm – 0.2756 in
Water AbsorptionC373ISO-10545/37% < wa ≤ 20%>10%
Break StrengthC648ISO-10545/4≥ 250Meets or Exceeds
Scratch HardnessMOH’s ScaleEN-1013
Chemical ResistanceC650ISO-10545/13UnaffectedUnaffected
Shade and Texture RatingCTDA “V”V1
WedgingC502ISO-10545/21.0% MaxPass

Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Color Collection 2×2 Black Matte Hexagon833-UFCC103-12M2.341023.3910.00660660.00
Color Collection 1×1 Black Matte Hexagon833-UFCC114-12M1.791017.8810.00880880.00
Color Collection Sky Blue Bright Penny Round833-UFCC124-12M1.701017.0010.00N/AN/A
Color Collection Mint Green Bright Penny Round833-UFCC127-12M1.701017.0010.00N/AN/A
Color Collection White Bright Herringbone833-UFCC128-12M1.901019.0010.00600600.00
Color Collection Antique White Bright Herringbone833-UFCC129-12M1.901019.0010.00600600.00
Color Collection 2×8 Biscuit Bright833-U074-280.25606015.366.676975774.92
Color Collection 2×8 White Ice Bright833-U081-280.25606015.366.676975774.92
Color Collection 2×8 White Ice Matte833-U281-280.25606015.366.676975774.92
Color Collection 2×8 Tender Gray Bright833-U761-280.25606015.366.676975774.92