Slate Tile

Slate is a fine-grained gray, green, or bluish rock that easily splits into smooth, flat pieces.

Slate comes in a variety of finishes. If the tile is honed, its surface has been made smooth. When the tile is calibrated, only one of its sides are smooth. A natural slate is rough on both sides. Slate can also be used in a ledgestone, where stones are stacked one on top of the other vertically. Ledgestone is typically used for feature walls and fireplaces.

Providing that you choose a dense slate, this stone can be used in outdoor applications.

Because slate is a natural stone, it must be sealed in order to prolong life and protect it from stains. We recommend using an impregnating sealer rather than a topical sealer, as this type of sealer lasts longer. To protect the stone without changing its natural colours, we recommend using Dry Treat's Stainproof Sealer. If you prefer to bring out the rich, natural colours of the stone, we recommend sealing with Dry Treat's Intensifia Sealer.

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