Marble Tile

Marble is a hard form of limestone, typically featuring an irregular arrangement of spots or patches of color. Marble is the type of stone that Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo used to create their statues.

Marble can be used anywhere in the house, including both steam and non-steam showers. We carry a wide variety of this type of natural stone tile, including complementary mosaics in a variety of patterns. Mixing different cuts of the same stone in a room can give your space a luxurious, monochromatic feel.

Marble is available in several finishes. A polished finish is shiny and reflective. A honed or leathered finish has a smooth, but non-shinny surface.

Because marble is a natural stone, it needs to be sealed. We recommend an impregnating sealer such as our Dry-Treat Stainproof Sealer.

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