Evolution Series

Evolution Series

Evolution showcases organic patterns in both earthy and neutral tones. Varying shadows and highlights create pattern and interest throughout the tiles attractive patterns. Available in five colours, which, in one fell swoop, span the spectrum of modern and traditional design.

3″x12″ Bullnose Tile (Special Order)

Evolution 3x12 Bullnose Ice Matte
Ice, Matte

Evolution 3x12 Sand Matte
Sand, Matte

Evolution 3x12 Mica Matte
Mica, Matte

Evolution 3x12 Carbon Matte
Carbon, Matte

Evolution 3x12 Earth Matte
Earth, Matte

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Tile and Stone Source Evolution HD Porcelain Tile Brochure


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General Specifications

descriptionmethodunit6 x 2412 x 246 x 36
Thickness mm – in8.9 mm – 11/32 in8.9 mm – 11/32 in10.6 mm – 13/32 in
Water AbsorptionEN ISO 10545-3( % )≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Abrasion ResistanceEN ISO 10545-7(PEI)444
Scratch Hardness (Mohs)777
Breaking StrengthEN ISO 10545-4(lbf)≥ 300≥ 300≥ 300
Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 10545-13(GL)Class A – ResistantClass A – ResistantClass A – Resistant
Frost ResistanceEN ISO 10545-12 ResistantResistantResistant
Static COF (Wet)ASTM C-1028(μ)≥ 0.60≥ 0.60≥ 0.60
Static COF (Dry)ASTM C-1028(μ)≥ 0.90≥ 0.90≥ 0.90
DCOF (Wet)ANSI B101.3 ≥ 0.42≥ 0.42≥ 0.42
Shade Variation  V3V3V3

Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Evolution Ice* 6×24 Matte322-62-5183.891142.7911.00528528.00
Evolution Sand* 6×24 Matte322-62-5193.891142.7911.00528528.00
Evolution Mica* 6×24 Matte322-62-5203.891142.7911.00528528.00
Evolution Carbon* 6×24 Matte322-62-5213.891142.7911.00528528.00
Evolution Earth* 6×24 Matte322-62-5223.891142.7911.00528528.00
Evolution Ice* 6×36 Matte322-62-7097.04642.219.00336504.00
Evolution Sand* 6×36 Matte322-62-7107.04642.219.00336504.00
Evolution Mica* 6×36 Matte322-62-7117.04642.219.00336504.00
Evolution Carbon* 6×36 Matte322-62-7127.04642.219.00336504.00
Evolution Earth* 6×36 Matte322-62-7137.04642.219.00336504.00
Evolution Ice* 12×24 Matte322-69-1908.09864.7416.00256512.00
Evolution Sand* 12×24 Matte322-69-1928.09864.7416.00256512.00
Evolution Mica* 12×24 Matte322-69-1948.09864.7416.00256512.00
Evolution Carbon* 12×24 Matte322-69-1968.09864.7416.00256512.00
Evolution Earth* 12×24 Matte322-69-1988.09864.7416.00256512.00
Evolution Ice* Random Strip Matte322-69-2004.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Sand* Random Strip Matte322-69-2014.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Mica* Random Strip Matte322-69-2024.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Carbon* Random Strip Matte322-69-2034.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Earth* Random Strip Matte322-69-2044.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Ice* 2×2 Matte322-69-2054.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Sand* 2×2 Matte322-69-2064.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Mica* 2×2 Matte322-69-2074.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Carbon* 2×2 Matte322-69-2084.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Earth* 2×2 Matte322-69-2094.001040.0010.00480480.00
Evolution Ice* 3×12 Bullnose Matte322-69-3400.802016.065.002580645.00
Evolution Sand* 3×12 Bullnose Matte322-69-3410.802016.065.002580645.00
Evolution Mica* 3×12 Bullnose Matte322-69-3420.802016.065.002580645.00
Evolution Carbon* 3×12 Bullnose Matte322-69-3430.802016.065.002580645.00
Evolution Earth* 3×12 Bullnose Matte322-69-3440.802016.065.002580645.00