Geode Cement Series

Geode Series

The most modern technology is used to create these unique, 3D cement tiles. Choose between a matte finish, or a metallic painted finish. Available in a total of six colours, which can be mixed or installed monochromatically. The tiles are designed to be installed in a random pattern, creating an attractive 3D installation.


Installation Photos


Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Geode White 5×5 Cement Tile828-1010.993433.665.901632283.32
Geode Grey 5×5 Cement Tile828-1020.993433.665.901632283.32
Geode Silver 5×5 Cement Tile828-1030.993433.665.901632283.32
Geode Brown 5×5 Cement Tile828-1040.993433.665.901632283.32
Geode Blue 5×5 Cement Tile828-1050.993433.665.901632283.32
Geode Black 5×5 Cement Tile828-1060.993433.665.901632283.32