Rubi 3/8" (10mm) SILVER Scoring Wheel*

Rubi 3/8" (10mm) SILVER Scoring Wheel*


SILVER RUBI wheels and rollers are made of sintered tungsten carbide. Each roller is rectified in a unitary way so that each diameter has an incision angle according to its function and use. Each roll diameter offers different results and performances, depending on the type of ceramic material.

The high wear resistance offered by RUBI carbide wheels guarantees the professional a life and quality of finish that lives up to expectations. For the correct operation of SILVER wheels and rollers, the scratching must always be continuous and homogeneous, without excessive pressure or unnecessary passes.

Adapting the diameter of the roller and the way to scratch with each type of material, will always guarantee the best results.

SILVER RUBI wheels and rollers are suitable for scratching and subsequent separation of ceramic tiles of any type: tile (BIII), enameled stoneware (BIb - BIIa), rustic or extruded stoneware (AIb - AII) and of course porcelain stoneware (BIa), with cutting difficulties between low and medium.

SILVER wheels and rollers have been designed, mainly to work with ceramic materials that have enameled or natural surfaces with smooth and / or slightly rough finishes.

The SILVER wheel handles have a triple grooved geometry (design and RUBI patent), to ensure correct assembly on the manual cutter, as well as firm fixing and firm scratching and without vibrations. Conforming the best combination to always obtain the best results.

SILVER scoring wheels are available in two formats, allowing them to be adapted to the entire range of RUBI manual cutters. The 10mm shank scoring wheels are compatible with the cutter ranges: TR-MAGNET, TS-MAX, SPEED-MAGNET, SPEED-N, FAST, STAR-MAX, STAR, POCKET and PRACTIC. The 12 mm shank scoring wheels (PLUS) are compatible with the range of cutters: TZ and TX-MAX.

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