Bali Series

Bali Series

The Bali series offers authentic, stone pebbles in both a flat and natural finish. Pebble mosaics add a spa-like, zen atmosphere, and are popular in shower bases and bathroom backsplashes. The soft, organic shapes of these pebble mosaics bring a calming mood.

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Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Bali Serenity Ivory Tumbled Pebble814-76-4574.091040.8810.00420420.00
Bali Driftwood Tan Tumbled Pebble814-76-4584.071040.7110.00420420.00
Bali Vitality Mica Tumbled Pebble814-76-4594.251042.5010.00420420.00
Bali Harmony Warm Blend Tumbled Pebble814-76-4604.011040.1210.00420420.00
Bali Tranquil Cool Blend Tumbled Pebble814-76-4614.211042.1210.00420420.00
Bali Serenity Ivory Flat Pebble814-76-4623.211032.0910.00420420.00
Bali Driftwood Tan Flat Pebble814-76-4633.271032.6610.00420420.00
Bali Vitality Mica Flat Pebble814-76-4643.241032.4010.00420420.00
Bali Harmony Warm Blend Flat Pebble814-76-4653.371033.6910.00420420.00
Bali Tranquil Cool Blend Flat Pebble814-76-4663.331033.2810.00420420.00