Jeffrey Court Chapter 5: Studio Gazette

Jeffrey Court Chapter 5: Studio Gazette

Chapter 5 Studio Gazette® is a machine-made, four color matte ceramic line that also features chic retro-inspired glass elements. We consider this matte ceramic line a cousin to our Chapter 2 Vintage Studio collection as it borrows some of its well-known design traditions, hues, and classic style of Vintage Studio® while incorporating its own unique assortment of field tile and mosaic offerings.

1″ Hexagon Ceramic Mosaics

Jeffrey Court Crescent White 1 Inch Hexagons Matte
Crescent White, Matte

Petal Glass Mosaics

Jeffrey Court White Petal Glass Mosaic Glossy
White, Glossy

Jeffrey Court Taupe Petal Glass Mosaic Glossy
Taupe, Glossy

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Installation Photos

Field Tiles

Product Testing

Static COF (Dry)C-1028Varies0.75
Static COF (Wet)C-1028Varies0.77
Water AbsorptionC-373Non-vitreous16.3%
Break StrengthC-648>125lbf269lbf
AbrasionC-1027Class II600 Rev.
Scratch HardnessMohs Scale6.0 Mohs

Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Hue Glass Stack Mosaic AluminumJC-515204.201042.009.38360337.68
Hue Glass Stack Mosaic TwineJC-515214.201042.009.38360337.68
3×6 Field Tile – Starry WhiteJC-515270.438034.4010.003840480.00
6×12 Field Tile – Starry WhiteJC-515281.692033.7010.00960480.00
3×12 Field Tile – Starry WhiteJC-515290.854034.0010.001920480.00
Hexagon Field Tile – Starry WhiteJC-515300.984140.2010.913116828.86
3×3 Double Bullnose – Starry WhiteJC-515310.19244.561.5067201,276.80
3×6 Single Bullnose – Starry WhiteJC-515320.418014.5610.003200400.00
Ramp Edge – Starry WhiteJC-515330.03702.101.4019600392.00
Rail Moulding – Starry WhiteJC-515340.19152.850.544200151.20
Sash Moulding – Starry WhiteJC-515350.522814.562.912352244.61
Grand Moulding – Starry WhiteJC-515360.761511.402.761260231.84
1 inch Hexagon Mosaic – Crescent WhiteJC-515371.951529.2513.17540474.12
Icon Mosaic – Starry WhiteJC-515383.231032.3010.74450483.30
Retro Mosaic – Starry WhiteJC-515392.681026.808.88450399.60
3×6 Field Tile – Crisp LinenJC-515400.438034.4010.003840480.00
6×12 Field Tile – Crisp LinenJC-515411.692033.7010.00960480.00
3×12 Field Tile – Crisp LinenJC-515420.854034.0010.001920480.00
Hexagon Field Tile – Crisp LinenJC-515430.984140.2010.913116828.86
3×3 Double Bullnose – Crisp LinenJC-515440.19244.561.5067201,276.80
3×6 Single Bullnose – Crisp LinenJC-515450.418014.5610.003200400.00
Ramp Edge – Crisp LinenJC-515460.03702.101.4019600392.00
Rail Moulding – Crisp LinenJC-515470.19152.850.544200151.20
Sash Moulding – Crisp LinenJC-515480.522814.562.912352244.61
Grand Moulding – Crisp LinenJC-515490.761511.402.761260231.84
Icon Mosaic – Crisp LinenJC-515503.231032.3010.74450483.30
Retro Mosaic – Crisp LinenJC-515512.681026.808.88450399.60
3×6 Field Tile – Mountain MistJC-515520.438034.4010.003840480.00
6×12 Field Tile – Mountain MistJC-515531.692033.7010.00960480.00
3×12 Field Tile – Mountain MistJC-515540.854034.0010.001920480.00
Hexagon Field Tile – Mountain MistJC-515550.984140.2010.913116828.86
3×3 Double Bullnose – Mountain MistJC-515560.19244.561.5067201,276.80
3×6 Single Bullnose – Mountain MistJC-515570.418014.5610.003200400.00
Ramp Edge – Mountain MistJC-515580.03702.101.4019600392.00
Rail Moulding – Mountain MistJC-515590.19152.850.544200151.20
Sash Moulding – Mountain MistJC-515600.522814.562.912352244.61
Grand Moulding – Mountain MistJC-515610.761511.402.761260231.84
Icon Mosaic – Mountain MistJC-515623.231032.3010.74450483.30
Retro Mosaic – Mountain MistJC-515632.681026.808.88450399.60
3×6 Field Tile – Enchanted ShadowJC-515640.438034.4010.003840480.00
6×12 Field Tile – Enchanted ShadowJC-515651.692033.7010.00960480.00
3×12 Field Tile – Enchanted ShadowJC-515660.854034.0010.001920480.00
Hexagon Field Tile – Enchanted ShadowJC-515670.984140.2013.4531161022.05
3×3 Double Bullnose – Enchanted ShadowJC-515680.19244.561.5067201,276.80
3×6 Single Bullnose – Enchanted ShadowJC-515690.418014.5610.003200400.00
Ramp Edge – Enchanted ShadowJC-515700.03702.101.4019600392.00
Rail Moulding – Enchanted ShadowJC-515710.19152.850.544200151.20
Sash Moulding – Enchanted ShadowJC-515720.522814.562.912352244.61
Grand Moulding – Enchanted ShadowJC-515730.761511.402.761260231.84
Icon Mosaic- Enchanted ShadowJC-515743.231032.3010.74450483.30
Retro Mosaic – Enchanted ShadowJC-515752.681026.808.88450399.60
Petal Glass Mosaic – WhiteJC-515762.851028.507.64360275.04
Petal Glass Mosaic – TaupeJC-515772.851028.507.64360275.04