Silver Travertine Series

Silver Travertine Series

This Silver Travertine proudly displays silvers, greys and whites in a gorgeous natural stone pattern. The inherent grey tones give a modern look to a classic, traditional stone. This Turkish stone will go well with any decor and any interior.

Field Tiles

Silver Travertine 18x18 Tile
18×18, Honed
Silver Travertine 12x24 Tile
12×24, Honed
Silver Travertine 12x12 Tile
12×12, Honed
Silver Travertine 3x6 Tile
3×6, Honed


Silver Travertine Brushed and Chiseled Cobblestone Bundle
Cobblestone, Brushed and Chiseled


Silver Travertine 2x2 Mosaic
2×2 Squares, Tumbled


Silver Travertine Pencil Rail
Pencil Rail, Honed

Ledgestone Panels

Silver 6x24 Cubic Ledgestone
6×24, Honed Cubic
Travertine Ledgestone Silver 7x20 Splitface
7×20, Splitface


Installation Photos

field tiles

Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Silver 3×6 Honed123-73-0390.644428.345.504048506.00
Silver 12×12 Honed123-73-1165.411054.0610.00460460.00
Silver 18×18 Honed123-73-31214.47457.889.00160360.00
Silver 12×24 Honed123-73-40412.76451.028.00160320.00
Silver Cobblestone Brushed and Chiseled123-73-56951.0018.008.0054432.00
Silver 2×2 Tumbled123-76-3854.751047.4810.00450450.00
Silver Pencil Rail 5/8×12 Honed123-77-3900.486028.74N/A3600N/A
Travertine Ledgestone Silver Cubic 6×24614-73-3628.02648.126.00336336.00
Travertine Ledgestone Silver Splitface 7×20615-10310.21661.265.64180169.50