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Carter Jin

As a former fine art dealer with an engineering degree, I have a sharp eye for contemporary design and details. I take pride in offering you a tour of our showroom and helping you find the perfect pieces to complement your space. When I’m not at the office, I enjoy all kinds of sports, which energize and inspire me. If you’re seeking design advice or simply need a tip on how to match your stunning tiles with an art piece, I’m your go-to person!

Priyanka Virvadekar

I am an Interior Designer with over 10 years of experience in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces in the United states, India, and Canada. I am excited to bring my creativity, technical skills, and passion for design to Tile and Stone source. I can help you to design your future space with the resources we have. When I am not working, I am just running around my toddler and trying to cook for him.

Martin Bullen

I am Tile and Stone Source’s “Other” British Import, having arrived recently with my wife, two daughters and the world’s strangest dog. I have a background in Luxury Sales and a keen eye for aesthetics and design and a passion for getting the perfect product for my customers. I can either help you pick out the best tile for your project or I can talk to you for 45 Minutes about obscure Nordic metal.
DISCLAIMER: Contrary to my picture, I do not possess a guitar. Or hair.

Colby MacLean

Looking for tile? If so, I am definitely your guy! I consider myself extremely easy-going and love to meet new people while discussing our amazing products.
Whether this is your first time renovating a space, or you’re an experienced builder, I welcome your ideas and will ensure that I can find something you’ll be
exceptionally satisfied with. When I’m not talking about tile, I’m probably talking about music or listening to vinyl records at home!


Bevan Reay

Kalynn Barker

Tanner Higginson

Logan Kaczor

Vlad Mudrak

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