Soho Series

Soho Series

Soho is our stylish, back-to-basics line of porcelain and ceramic small tile. Although these colours are neutral, they are far from boring. Indeed, with Soho, less is more. Classic subway tiles, in addition to hexagons, penny rounds and basketweaves, have been a design staple for years. Therefore, rest assured when choosing Soho, as these tiles are timeless.

4″x12″ Bevelled Subway Tile

White, Glossy

Basketweave Mosaics

Soho Basketweave Porcelain Mosaic
Basketweave, Matte
small tiles

General Specifications – Matte Porcelain Mosaics

descriptionmethodunit2 x 2 Squares1″ Hexagons2″ HexagonsBasketweave
Thicknessmm – in5.8 mm – 1/4 in5.8 mm – 1/4 in5.8 mm – 1/4 in5.8 mm – 1/4 in
Water AbsorptionEN ISO 10545-3( % )≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Abrasion ResistanceEN ISO 10545-7(PEI)3333
Scratch Hardness(Mohs)6666
Breaking StrengthEN ISO 10545-4(lbf)≥ 250≥ 250≥ 250≥ 250
Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 10545-13(GL)Class A – ResistantClass A – ResistantClass A – ResistantClass A – Resistant
Frost ResistanceEN ISO 10545-12ResistantResistantResistantResistant
Static COF (Wet)ASTM C-1028(μ)≥ 0.70≥ 0.70≥ 0.70≥ 0.70
Static COF (Dry)ASTM C-1028(μ)≥ 0.60≥ 0.60≥ 0.60≥ 0.60
DCOF (Wet)ANSI B101.3< 0.42< 0.42< 0.42< 0.42
Shade VariationV1V1V1V1

Packaging Information

DescriptionItem Codelbs/pcpcs/boxlbs/boxsq ft/boxpcs/skidsq ft/skid
Soho White 4×16 Glossy317-50-6001.202529.9311.111750777.70
Soho Biscuit 4×16 Glossy317-50-6011.272531.7011.111750777.70
Soho Linen 4×16 Glossy317-50-6021.272531.7011.111750777.70
Soho Warm Grey 4×16 Glossy317-50-6031.272531.7011.111750777.70
Soho Taupe 4×16 Glossy317-50-6041.272531.7011.111750777.70
Soho Black 4×16 Glossy317-50-6051.222530.5511.111750777.70
Soho White 4×16 Matte317-50-6061.222530.5511.111750777.70
Soho White 3×6 Glossy317-51-0000.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho Biscuit 3×6 Glossy317-51-0020.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho Linen 3×6 Glossy317-51-0040.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho Warm Grey 3×6 Glossy317-51-0060.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho Taupe 3×6 Glossy317-51-0080.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho Black 3×6 Glossy317-51-0100.308826.6611.007480935.00
Soho White 3×6 Matte317-51-0120.308825.9611.007480935.00
Soho White 2×2 Matte317-51-0242.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho Biscuit 2×2 Matte317-51-0252.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho Linen 2×2 Matte317-51-0262.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho Warm Grey 2×2 Matte317-51-0272.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho Taupe 2×2 Matte317-51-0282.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho Black 2×2 Matte317-51-0292.461024.5810.00480480.00
Soho White 3/4 Penny Round Glossy317-51-0301.921019.2210.00810810.00
Soho Biscuit 3/4 Penny Round Glossy317-51-0311.921019.2210.00900900.00
Soho Warm Grey 3/4 Penny Round Glossy317-51-0321.921019.2210.00810810.00
Soho White Arabesque Glossy317-51-0402.041020.428.00810648.00
Soho Biscuit Arabesque Glossy317-51-0411.971019.668.00810648.00
Soho Warm Grey Arabesque Glossy317-51-0421.971019.668.00810648.00
Soho White Convex Loft Glossy317-51-0502.331023.259.00720648.00
Soho Biscuit Convex Loft Glossy317-51-0512.331023.259.00720648.00
Soho Warm Grey Convex Loft Glossy317-51-0522.331023.259.00720648.00
Soho White 1 inch Hexagon Matte317-51-0701.671016.678.40810680.40
Soho White 1 inch Hexagon with Black Dot Matte317-51-0711.701016.968.40810680.40
Soho White 2 inch Hexagon Matte317-51-0752.471024.7110.00810810.00
Soho White with Black Dot Basketweave Matte317-51-0902.281022.8410.00810810.00